WP Web Nanny strives to create beautiful, user friendly websites for small businesses, vacation rentals, photographers and bloggers.

We have a cache of developer tools which we use on client websites. As long as you have a hosting/maintenance plan with us, the cost for these tools is included in your low monthly payment. Here are some of the client benefits that are built into WP Web Nanny's pricing (these prices are what you can expect to pay if you will be self hosting and maintaining your site).

  1. WordPress = Free!
  2. Hosting = $120 yearly
  3. Elegant Themes Subscription - $69 yearly
  4. iThemes Security Pro - $60 yearly
  5. BackUp Buddy - $80 yearly
  6. Gravity Forms - $39 yearly
  7. Divi Booster - $15 one time
  8. Divi Switch - $22 one time

Just these few yearly expenses would cost $368, while one year of hosting/maintenance/security with WP Web Nanny is $299.40 (that's $24.95 monthly). We also bring to the table our knowledge of HTML, CSS, Analytics, SEO, and Design. This is how we save you time and money.

If you want to read more about the costs of running a WordPress website, check out this article on the Elegant Themes blog.

Go have fun! We've got it covered.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

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